Leasing Programs

Leasing Programs

Whether you need a single unit or entire fleet, there are many reasons to consider leasing your used forklifts from National Off Lease Equipment Center. You can purchase with confidence because the company is a division of Toyota Industries Commercial Finance which provides business financing services, Toyota brand forklifts and other industrial equipment. We have the experience to tailor programs to meet your company needs and budget. Leasing can save thousands in the overall cost of ownership. Here are some advantages to leasing.

No Cash Outlay

Leasing allows you to conserve cash and make only budgeted monthly payments.

Reduced Taxes

Most lease payments are considered an operating expense and may be eligible for tax deductions. Be sure and consult with your accountant before purchasing to see if leases can be a tax advantage for your company.

Increased Productivity

Replacing old unreliable equipment with late-model units will increase productivity while improving operators efficiency.

Increased Uptime

Leasing with full maintenance can be structured to include the cost of the equipment as well as planned maintenance, emergency repairs and rental replacements while out for service.

Fleet Management Control

Lease agreements are based on operating conditions and hours, not depreciation schedules reducing administrative costs and improving earnings.