10 Facts About Toyota Forklifts

1.  Toyota forklifts are backed by proven product support from an industry-leading network of dealers. Toyota dealers offer a broad range of resources including: factory-trained service technicians, Toyota Genuine Parts, Toyota Certified Used forklifts, and flexible leasing and financing packages through Toyota Commercial Finance.
2.  Toyota forklifts are made in America with pride. The majority of Toyota forklifts sold in North American are manufactured in Columbus, Indiana.

3.  Toyota forklifts feature the world’s first and only System of Active Stability (SAS). SAS electronically monitors the forklift’s operations to help reduce the likelihood of both lateral and longitudinal tip-overs.

4.  The Toyota approach is to design around the operator and the technician. Engineers use their input to build equipment that is more versatile and ergonomic, while maximizing uptime.

5.  Toyota forklifts are manufactured with productivity and lower operating costs in mind.

6.  Many Toyota electric forklifts feature an AC System to provide high performance and efficiency. The AC motor contains no springs, brushes, commutator or directional contactor, making it virtually maintenance free.

7.  Toyota’s electric forklifts are enhanced to make them more efficient. Toyota forklifts have the ability to run longer between battery charges and scheduled maintenance intervals.

8.  All Toyota forklifts are constructed with Toyota Genuine Parts and accessories.

9.  Toyota remains the only forklift manufacturer in the world to offer a factory installed CNG fuel system option. The system is both UL listed and EPA-CARB certified.

10.  Toyota’s 8-Series line of forklifts is the world’s cleanest internal combustion forklift.*

*All Toyota 8-Series gasoline, LPG and CNG powered models count as 0.6 g/bhp-hr (0.8 g/kW-hr) HC+NOx towards California’s end user fleet average calculation – measures do not apply to diesel-configured models.

Originally published by www.toyotaforklift.com